Ned Kelly

No 1 Mill, Jarrahdale


Music: Luke Styles 

Libretto: Peter Goldsworthy

Ellen Kelly: Fiona Campbell

Ned Kelly: Sam Dundas 

Kate Kelly: Pia Harris

Steve Hart: Robert MacFarlane

Joe Byrne: Adrian Tamburini

Dan Kelly: Matt James Ruben Ward 


Photos: Toni Wilkinson/Nik Babic


UWA Sport and Aquatic Centre


Music: Marc-Antoine Charpentier
(re-orchestrated by Chris van Tuinen) 

Libretto: Unknown
(translated by Thomas de Mallet-Burgess) 

Conductor: Chris van Tuinen

Actéon: Russell Harcourt 

Diana: Ashlyn Skye Tymms

Hayale and Junon: Caitlin Cassidy

Arthebuze: Corrine Cowling

Daphne: Bonnie de la Hunty 


Photos: Daniel James Grant

Trouble in Tahiti

Private House, City Beach


Music: Leonard Bernstein 

Libretto: Leonard Bernstein 

Dinah: Helen Sherman

Sam: Christopher Tonkin

Junior: Rory McLaughlin


Photos: Kristoffer Myhre

Don Procopio

Vasto Club


Music: Georges Bizet
(re-orchestrated by Chris van Tuinen)

Libretto: Paul Collin and Paul Bérel (translated and adapted by Thomas de Mallet Burgess)

Don Procopio: Michael Lewis

Donna Bettina: Claire Condipodero

Don Odoardo: Alasdair Kent

Don Ernesto: Perry Joyce

Don Andronico: Paull-Anthony Keightley

Donna Eufemia: Stephanie Gooch


Photos: Grant Taylor


Fremantle Arts Centre


Music: Darius Milhaud

Libretto: Madeleine Milhaud

Créuse: Katja Webb

La Nourrice: Ileana Rinaldi

Jason: Richard Symons

Créon: Simon Meadows

Chorus ensemble: Kris Bowtell,
Bonnie de la Hunty, Amy Yarham

Children: Iseult de Mallet Burgess,
Beatrice de Mallet Burgess


Photos: Jessica Wyld

In the Shadow of Venus

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)


Three one-act comic American operas
exploring the frustrating world of marriage proposals, blind dates and chocolate cake:


The Telephone Gian Carlo Menotti
with Sara Macliver and Brendan Hanson

At the Statue of Venus Jake Heggie
with Fiona McAndrew

Bon Appetit Lee Hoiby with Elisa Kessey


Winner of the West Australian Arts
Editor Award 2015

The Emperor of Atlantis

Perth Hebrew Congregation Synagogue


Music: Viktor Ullmann

Libretto: Peter Kien

Emperor Overall: Michael Heap

Death: Daniel Sumegi

Harlequin: Jun Zhang

Loudspeaker: Kris Bowtell

A Soldier: Richard Symons

The Girl with Bobbed Hair,
a Soldier:
Corinne Cowling

Photos: Cam Campbell

The Human Voice

Riverview Hotel, Mount Street


Music: Francis Poulenc

Text: Jean Cocteau

Elle: Fiona McAndrew

Piano: Chris van Tuinen

Photos: Cam Campbell

At the Statue of Venus

Linton & Kay Galleries, Perth


Music: Jake Heggie

Text: Terence McNally

Rose: Fiona McAndrew

Piano: Chris van Tuinen

Photos: Grant Taylor