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Ned Kelly

No 1 Mill, Jarrahdale


Music: Luke Styles 

Libretto: Peter Goldsworthy

Ellen Kelly: Fiona Campbell

Ned Kelly: Sam Dundas 

Kate Kelly: Pia Harris

Steve Hart: Robert MacFarlane

Joe Byrne: Adrian Tamburini

Dan Kelly: Matt James Ruben Ward 


Photos: Toni Wilkinson/Nik Babic

Ned Kelly

UWA Sport and Aquatic Centre


Music: Marc-Antoine Charpentier
(re-orchestrated by Chris van Tuinen) 

Libretto: Unknown
(translated by Thomas de Mallet-Burgess) 

Conductor: Chris van Tuinen

Actéon: Russell Harcourt 

Diana: Ashlyn Skye Tymms

Hayale and Junon: Caitlin Cassidy

Arthebuze: Corrine Cowling

Daphne: Bonnie de la Hunty 


Photos: Daniel James Grant

Trouble in Tahiti
Trouble in Tahiti

Private House, City Beach


Music: Leonard Bernstein 

Libretto: Leonard Bernstein 

Dinah: Helen Sherman

Sam: Christopher Tonkin

Junior: Rory McLaughlin


Photos: Kristoffer Myhre

Don Procopio

Vasto Club


Music: Georges Bizet
(re-orchestrated by Chris van Tuinen)

Libretto: Paul Collin and Paul Bérel (translated and adapted by Thomas de Mallet Burgess)

Don Procopio: Michael Lewis

Donna Bettina: Claire Condipodero

Don Odoardo: Alasdair Kent

Don Ernesto: Perry Joyce

Don Andronico: Paull-Anthony Keightley

Donna Eufemia: Stephanie Gooch


Photos: Grant Taylor